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Sunday, July 22, 2012

under construction

~ shorts & off-shoulder top : PROPS
~ ring : WWW {SM accessories}
~ bangles : bazaar & bangkok finds
~ shoes : varsavia {gift from youngest sister}

am wearing something i thought was casual enough for the movies
and maybe fancy enough for dinner & maybe drinks afterwards…
"The Dark Knight Rises" - the third and last installment {so they say}
of BATMAN Dark Knight premiered yesterday
and my geeky-comic-freak husband needs to watch ASAP!

the movie proved to be worth it,
though personally i still liked the first installment better. 
{the one with the late heath ledger as the joker}
this one was way too long {two hours and thirty minutes} that i got really sleepy
but it was interesting enough that i really struggled to open my eyes.

after the movie we needed to grab dinner,
first choice was IRIE but it was almost ten in the evening 
that they ran out of their specialties,
so we ended up at ARMY NAVY.
it was only my second time here, 
their food is not bad but not that good either.
i mean, it's not something that you actually crave for.
i know a lot of people love it here, and i'm not one of them.
it's just that i've tasted better burritos and burgers.

| beef burrito : army navy

we stayed awhile longer at army navy, just talking.
no more drinks after that…
so we headed straight home before twelve midnight.

and now, its almost three in the morning 
and i'm very much tied to editing the design of this blog…
no major alterations though, just adding a few widgets here & there.
yet it's proving to be a bit challenging with my little knowledge of html & what-nots!
and warren had to comment, it seems i will never be done editing details in this blog…
ughhhhhh… maybe… or i'll try…


Saturday, July 21, 2012

gust of wind

~ mullet dress : supre {gift from my mom}
~ necklace : pink pvssy
~ cuff : chatuchak market find {bangkok}
~ leather flower ring : platinum mall {bangkok}
~ leaf silver ring : rustan's
~ peep-toe pumps : miss me from urbanog

the dress am wearing are one of the "pasalubong" from my mom…
i have been so excited to wear it since i got a hold of it last monday!
but then, cough & fever got the best of me
that i submitted to three days of bed rest :(

then today seemed a perfect day to wear the breezy dress
as it was bright & sunny when i woke up…
much to my surprise that when we got out of the house, 
until we shot these photos, it became windy & cloudy!

the gusts of wind may have added drama to the shoot,
but the rain that came right after
stood in the way of some of the errands me & warren had to run to.

i should have worn some booties & blazer today due to weather conditions,
but i love this dress so much that i couldn't care less!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

welcome back mom

~ top : PROPS
~ skirt : french connection uk
~ sandals : sensini, bangkok
~ necklace : gift from sister-in-law
~ ring & bangles : china finds

i decided to wear something breezy as it was a perfectly sunny day last monday,
and we were to go to the airport to pick up my mom

who is arriving from australia, 
after staying with my sister for three months to accompany her in a time of grief.
[i don't think i can tell that sad story of my youngest sister now, as this is supposedly a happy entry, so many another time]

we did miss mom even for the short time she was away,
most especially my dad, since it was the first time they've been separated that long.
she had so many tales of her stay in the land down under,
and am so happy for everything that she was able to experience.

filipinos that we are,
the perks of having friends and family coming home from trips abroad are the goodies!!!!
my mom, the sweet tooth, 
brought with her nineteen packs of tim tam and lots of other chocolates 
that i had to tease her of carrying twenty kilos of chocolates with her!
and the best part were the clothes and shoes for me and my other sister :)

will post photos of them soon…
as am actually excited to wearing them all!
watch out for that…


Monday, July 16, 2012

happy birthday wesley

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ bag :  PROPS
~ shoes : aldo
~ bangles : bangkok finds

i would have wanted the photos brighter, better and more detailed…
forgive me & warren,
it was past six pm and we were running late for a friend's birthday dinner,
hence the hurried and somehow blurry shots…

it's one of our friend wesley's birthday… 
another saturday dinner at tajimaya!
you might think we're there every weekend, no!
this one was the celebrant's choice.

after dinner we crossed over to maya mexican restaurant,
which was practically beside tajimaya.
the margarita was great! we still wanted to drink, 
but one round of drink was enough cuz their AC must have needed some cleaning,
we were practically melting in there!

so we transferred to distillery…
which makes it a repeat of last saturday.
but it doesn't matter… we had fun!
we're all missing the "penthouse days" where no weekend was spent sober.
ah! those were the days…
not that it could not happen again,
and am sure, we'll still rock it if it does!

|| happy birthday wesley!!!

i wish i have more photos of the dinner + drinks… 
but i left my camera in the car and it rained so we couldn't get it later on.

well, next time.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

can't look you in the eye

~ top & skirt : PROPS
~ bangles : bangkok finds
~ ring: china
~ shoes : people are people

it was a strange day at the office…
two can't-look-you-in-the-eye moments with clients in a span of 2hrs!

the first one was dumbfounding!
but something i can't talk about publicly, 

the second one was quite sad…
it pains me talking to a teary-eyed bride and trying to explain to her
why her wedding invites were not ready yet.
what's worst, i had no freakin' idea what happened to the account
and the point person was on leave and wasn't answering any of our calls!
i couldn't even apologize to her just yet, 
i really couldn't look her in the eye!
i was scrambling for options on how to improvise her invite design
 so she can get at least twenty sets for her mom to bring
on a provincial trip this morning.

the heavens were in my favor!
i got her to smile even if it was after almost an hour, 
we were able to provide her with the initial twenty she badly needed
and somehow, changed the whole look of her invite,
which was actually better than the first
and she was happy with it.
full delivery will be next week, as promised, i'll make sure of that!

oh well, i guess that should count as
another day's work…


Thursday, July 12, 2012

like the first time

~ blazer, lace shorts : PROPS
~ tank top : mango
~ 2 sets long layered necklace : DIY {materials bought from cebu hardware}
~ bangles : bangkok finds {chatuchak, pink pvssy}
~ shoes : primadonna

i wanted this, so i had to do it… outfit shots i mean :)

they say there's always a first time for everything… 
not to preempt that am gonna ask that you indulge me in however awkward this shot seem.

i wear whatever suits my fancy to the office since we have NO DRESS CODE… sweet!!!
{plus, i know the owner **wink**} 
even if i can get away wearing PJs & flipflops, 
i still wear my heels even if there's only about 8 other people who can see me!
only to indulge myself playing dress-up and to take that chance, 
that maybe, just maybe, me & hubby are goin' somewhere else after work.
not that we don't have a social life, just that work sometimes gets a bit tiring 
that all we wanna do after is go home [we love home]

and on that note, we got off work around 9pm!!!
with me sooooo hungry, starving even…
but warren [my husband] seem to always have some last minute thing to do 
that takes around 20 to 30mins, even more and he zones out while he's into it 
& it leaves dinner no other choice but to wait. 
am not saying he's not doing anything important, 
and not that waiting is that tedious cuz i take that time to do my own s**t…

there's this new "ribs" place just 2 blocks away from the office.
every time we pass by around dinner time, it's packed! which got us curious.
and tonight, we were in luck [at least we thought so] cuz the place only had 2 tables filled.
and just our luck, their specialty "ribs" ran out!!! 
{really?! their specialty?!}
i could have been a total b**c* about it 
but thank god my exhaustion from the day's work triumphed over me…  
and as hungry as we were, we couldn't think of any other place to eat.

warren ordered their chili wings while i ordered their bucket of chili crab claws.
[and i just have to say, i don't get to eat as much seafoods as i want at home cuz warren don't eat seafoods!]



|| chili crab claws : surfin' ribs

took me thirty minutes to finish my crab claws, and they were yummy!
that should make me lucky again, i guess.
maybe the next time we come back, am trying the whole crabs, and not their specialty "ribs".
we'll see. and i'll let you know.


Sunday, July 8, 2012


today was hectic, fun & fulfilling.

i had a clearance sale for my clothing business [which is another story yet be told],
so my usual relaxed-saturday was spent working. 
not that am complaining because the turn out of the sale was great! 
just that, the day deserved a little unwinding afterwards…

it so happened that some of our friends were craving for yakiniku, 
so me & hubby decided to join them.

yakiniku dinner was at tajimaya in crossroads. 
it was filling as expected, what with eat-all-you-can on angus beef. 
then again, with ones tendency to over-eat, food seem to get back at you at some point. 
after out Nth serving of beef, we started feeling queasy :( :( :(

so after having our fill and to somehow relieve ourselves from feeling sick, 
we decided to get a few drinks to help us digest all that food {and fat!}

"distillery" just opened a couple of months ago and twas time for us to check the place out.
[for those who know me too well, you might not believe me, but yes, tonight is the first time i've been to the place]
they sell imported beer, liquor {by the bottle} & apparently, wine at distributor's price.
this has been a go-to place for weekend warriors being the first stop for drinks before
heading to clubs where the drinks are sold at higher prices.
and not just that, the place is not just a hole-in-the-wall even with its prices,
its still a contemporary bar ambience with house music.

and so, on our first visit, the first choice of drink was just a round of strong bow beer, 
then my husband wanted wine… and then it started to get confusing as to who will share the bottle of wine with him, which turned out unnecessary because they didn't have stock of strongbow {surprisingly! on a saturday night!!!}

so wine it is…

i may have preferred merlot, but again, surprisingly they did not have it…

between the six of us who shared the wine, what was just one bottle as originally planned became two bottles. it may well have become three or even four, a year ago.
as much as i don't wanna admit, age does get the better of you…
if before, we meet with friends 12mn or even later to go clubbing…
now, at 12mn we start getting our bill to start heading home.

yes, i got home an hour ago… showered, made this entry and now ready to sleep {if i can}.
i may not have the energy i used to have when weekends are for partying,
but quiet evenings of dinner, drinks & friends is a heartening way to end a day...

Friday, July 6, 2012

bringing home the bacon

my lunch… 

4 long slices of bacon
1 pan-scrambled egg
2 slices of whole-wheat bread

and there's more of these freezing in our fridge, waiting to clog our arteries! 
sinful as it is, delicious [like all other things in life]

i have a few things to share about this meal:

we bought this "purefoods" bacon, sans its product packaging at HALF THE RETAIL PRICE from  groceries nationwide. this is from one street in marikina very near the "purefoods" plant. i am not sure what street that was cuz am not from the area, and was just there visiting my aunt during a trip to metro manila. if you want to go there just be directed to the "purefoods" plant and you can find quite a number of vendors selling this unlabelled goodies. of course, these are cuts that didn't pass the quality control standards hence sold at a very low price… but hey! who cares?! it's the same premium taste and the same cured meat.

how to cook bacon to render more fat: this one is a breeze! 


this process allows you to cook the bacon crisp and delicious as it should, takes out more fat from the meat rather than adding more when frying, gives you bacon fat which as they say is flavorful and can be used in various cooking methods.

…i still feel guilty after that lunch. i just need to remind myself, that i don't eat them in excess [even if we did buy a lot! it was cheap!!!!]. 
in life i try to enjoy things as they come. 
i walk on the wild-side but not go overboard. 
everything in moderation, so they say :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

swinging in different directions

what should i blog about? that, was the question…

there's fashion, food, travel, events, reads, and on and on and on… so, to save myself from a grueling decision and to finally have an actual blog started, i decided to talk about anything and everything i am interested in and perhaps everything else in between.

oh! this, by the way is just an intro post… just so i can edit this blog's design and layout. 

promise, that the next time, i will advertently talk about something a tad more interesting. on hopes of being able to entertain you in one way or another.