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Friday, August 31, 2012

sweet disposition

so, i have two long weekends and a whole week in between of blogging backlogs.
phew! i never thought blogging could be such hard work.
am not really complaining, and not giving up…
at least not yet, hopefully never!

lemme start with that 4-day long weekend.
we would have wanted to go somewhere, escape and relax…
but we were too late for bookings, so we saved it for the next 3-day weekend instead.
basically we stayed home,
went out a little,
did some errands…
and here’s a little rundown.

{ day 1 - saturday }

~ asymmetrical dress : PROPS
~ clutch / sling bag : PROPS
~ gold cuff : PROPS
~ bandage wedges : aldo

it was the bapstism of warren’s neice that morning at sacred heart church.
i did a little work, had a haircut and a few errands in between the baptism rites 
and the dinner celebration in the eveningat café laguna, oakridge pavilion, a.s. fortuna.

i wore the outfit sans the heels for dinner.
after which, me & warren went to a friend's place for poker,
and that's when the heels came out.

after midnight, we were supposed to meet with some other friends at irie gastropubliko,
as one of them just got back from a few years of studies in the u.s.
but they were not there anymore when we arrived,
so we called it a night and went home.

it was still a hectic day i should say,
running from one place to the next.

{ day 2 – sunday }

~ jersey color block dress : PROPS
~ sandals : little black
~ necklace : china finds
~ assorted bangles : from everywhere

it was definitely one lazy sunday.
much to warren’s urging that we go out for coffee that i gave in.
after a few hours of coffee, i found myself home
lazing in front of the tv, did not do any work at all,not even a little blogging.
i get lazy like that.
only to be interrupted by warren's hunger past midnight with nothing to eat in our fridge,
so we made a trip to the nearest convenience store,
the newly opened seven eleven at caltex a.s. fortuna.

|| mountain dew slurpee : seven eleven

seriously, i don't understand what the rave is about this slurpee…
so shoot me for even giving it a chance.
and warren bought their burger pandesal,
and in warren's words,
it took him about four bites to get to the burger patty part, 
and that's it, nothing more after that.
take note, warren is NOT a picky eater.

{ day 3 - monday }

eid-ul-fitr actually ended the day before but its a philippine national holiday to give respect 
to our muslim brothers and sisters who are celebrating the end of ramadan this day.

~ skirt & top : PROPS
~ necklace & gold flower cuff : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok]
~ leather cuff & oval ring : PROPS
~ sandals : little black

i really wanted to just stay home today,
but i had no escape, as we had to go out to do some groceries
or else we won’t have anything to eat anymore!

|| carnitas burrito : burrito bar {btc} 

after that, we dropped by burrito bar in btc to grab some burritos for dinner.
still the my burrito of choice in the city… 
it's huge, it's filling, it's delicious!!!
...sorry army navy.

{ day 4 – tuesday }

this time, i got my wish!
we just stayed home the whole day.
i did get some much needed rest, thank you very much!


|| sweet disposition - the temper trap; "conditions"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

borrowed from my man

~ neon top & blazer : PROPS
~ belt : SM dept. store
~ elephant necklace : china finds
~ bracelets : PROPS
~ my man's jeans : cotton online {linea italia}
~ bandage wedges : aldo

on a whim, i decided to wear warren's jeans
which i gave to him five christmases ago.
he found it weird that i was taken by the charm of the ripped jeans
more than it was still brand new.
well, he doesn't really understand the clothes i wear most of the time
so it didn't really bother me.

and that neon top had everyone react 
being too bright even from a far
hence i wore the blazer just to tone it down a little.

we decided to chill out friday night and went to bellini up at nivel hills.
the place was ambient and relaxing,
except for the live acoustic band which turned was too noisy for my mood that night.
and their food was quite pricy so we didn't order.
the guys only had our local beer, 
i had strongbow cider which was more than twice the price of beer
but i only had one can for the rest of the evening.
i guess am lavishly frugal like that! 
hahaha, what an oxymoron.
but to be honest, am frugal, that's it!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the usual

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ necklace : pink pvssy {bangkok}
~ bangles : assorted from everywhere
~ wedge sandals : catwalk {australia - gift from sis}

|| cappuccino frost : la marea, crossroads

i hate routines 
but it seems that me and warren have one little routine 
before stepping into the office.
we pass by la marea in crossroads for coffee ---- always!

it's where we do our unofficial affairs
that we know we won't be able to do once in the office.
i guess, it's where we find peace before the chaos that is work.
plus! la marea's internet is quite fast, so things get done faster!

the usual la marea favorite is their warm brownie cup,
we order that sometimes but it could get filling especially right before lunch.
so, while warren gets his usual brewed coffee,
i alternate between their cappuccino frost on hot & sunny days {which is more often}
and twinning's four red fruits hot tea on cold & rainy days.

i love coffee, 
that i used to drink three to four cups a day.
used to, because right now, since a couple years ago,
i am limited to a cup in the morning.
any more or any later than that,
i will be up till the sun rises the next day.
insomnia sucks!

anyways, even with a start-of-day routine
i am happy to say that after office activities always has different s**ts on different days.
proof enough that we are still not stuck in a rut!

for this day, it was a movie date for "bourne legacy" as promised,
after i flaked out on warren last sunday when we were supposed to watch it with his friends.
of course, before the movie is dinner… mongolian style!
kublai khan it is…

|| all you can fill bowl : kublai khan, ayala center

i can talk about the movie, but there's not much to say…
not that it was bad, just that it wasn't much to rave about.
it did show the worst of the philippines,
which made me cringe, sorry but that's the truth!
but nevertheless, it still made me proud 
that somehow we were chosen to be a setting for a hollywood film
when they could have done it somewhere else.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

last friday night

 ~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ necklace & cuffs : PROPS
~ assorted bangles : from everywhere!
~ layered ring : chinatown, bangkok
~ booties : jeffrey campbell - litas 

i've been finding a way to wear these booties since i got them last june
at the blogger's united bazaar 3.
the best thing about it, i got it for a steal from divine lee's stash,
and of course they are original JC's!!!
thanks to my dear sister who had the strength to go around and search.
this one is pre-loved but it is definitely being loved by me right now, 
and even longer.

so, back to last friday night,
 the loft had a party launching the grey goose lounge designed by kenneth cobonpue.
free flowing booze! what's not to love! 
except for a minor set-back when glasses became scarce at some point
which left people parched and waiting.
but a small price to pay for, again, free booze!!!
they were also serving food by chef guiseppe
which is definitely something to try
and even more reason for you to visit the loft for dinner before drinks.
dj friend from manila, jessica milner pumped up last friday's party. 
and we had fun, after a while of no clubbing.

oh, on that note, it may be because people haven't seen me out for a while
that there's been rumors going around that i just had a baby!
what?!! i haven't even been pregnant yet! i wish!
not a bad rumor anymore
since am married and it's legal to get pregnant,
but it was definitely a good laugh!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

leaving thailand

~ printed blazer, jeans, inner top : PROPS
~ necklace, cuff : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}
~ layered ring : chinatown, bangkok
~ hand carry luggage : skytravel 

when traveling i always opt for comfortable clothes that keep me warm enough,
you just dunno how cold airports could get.

funny how i had to insert a photo of my very reliable hand carry luggage
which has been with me for years,
all through countless trips and several countries.
the scuff marks that don't go away anymore no matter how i have it cleaned
seem to have given it more charm owing to its history.
and that yellow color was actually what made me fell in love with it from the start.

these are some of the things i never miss eating when am in bangkok

|| nata de coco yogurt ||
i find this one, that you can find at any seven eleven store tastier than the ones we have locally. i always have them for breakfast.

|| milk tea ||
in whatever flavor that suits your fancy
it helps keep you hydrated and fills you up at the same time
especially when you still would wanna go around shopping

|| green mango with thai dip ||
our mangoes here in the philippines, especially cebu are much tastier
but their green mangoes are in no way sour no matter how green they are!
the dip actually consists of chili powder, sugar and salt
and has proven to be really addictive.
you can also dip their very sweet guavas in them.
don't be scared of how spicy it is, it's definitely worth a try!

|| street pad thai ||
oh yes! the best one is the street kind!
you might not be able to find one just anywhere but when you do, indulge!!! 
and make it spicy, it's even much tastier.
you can always have the chili powder separate so as to control the spiciness of the dish.

|| others ||
seafood fried rice, crepe {dessert kind or with ham or bologna} & coffee {just about anywhere}
are the other things to try.
sorry i was not able to take photos of the other three,
just that when i go around suppliers, i don't bring my SLR with me, its way too bulky.

i hope i helped a little with some bangkok tips in these last three blogs.
there are actually more stuff to write about bangkok
but i wouldn't wanna bore you.
maybe on my next trip.

leaving bangkok always seem sad, but there's still no place like home


Friday, August 10, 2012

bangkok's chinatown

~ top & peacock print shorts : PROPS
~ neon belt : PROPS
~ flower necklace, cuff, ring : pink pvssy {platinum mall}
~ sandals : sensini {bangkok}
~ aviators : rayban ***[RIP]

one place i always tend to visit when in bangkok is their chinatown.
it's further from everything else around bangkok
but it's convenient for me after visiting some of my suppliers for PROPS
since chinatown is about ten to fifteen minutes away.

here are some photos of what's to be seen around the streets of bangkok's chinatown…

the many colors of the streets…
so entertaining!

and another thing you have to know...
i wasn't so lucky this time around
as this was the last i've seen of my aviators…
it got snatched while walking around the streets :(
oh well, one can never be too careful...