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Saturday, September 22, 2012

bare naked

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ leather cuffs : PROPS
~ ring & necklace : china finds
~ shoes : people are people

the last time i wore this exact same ensemble was during lifedance 2012.
sans the heel of course.
its perfect for a hot, humid day {the usual weather in our country}
 yet dapper enough {i think} to wear to the club or a party.
i would wear gold stilletos with this if i was going to the club.
though i wore beige flat sandals to lifedance 2012 as it was an outdoor event.

well, nothing much happened this day
and as i make it a point to write about something else aside from what am wearing
i might as well give my review about urban decay naked palette.
i know i might be way behind in this review 
as their second palette has been released 
and i may even be a tad late if i review that also.

well then, humor me.

this is my favorite eye shadow palette so far.
i bring it with me all the time 
as it easily transforms my day make-up to evening
with shades ranging from the lightest cream {virgin}
the beige to brown family {with matte and shimmer finish},
to shadowy greys {creep & gunmetal}.

i've had this shadow early this year so you can say
my trove has really been used and even abused.
hence the photo above i got from

i'm actually wearing the shadow in my outfit shots above.
sorry that there's no clear shot of it,
but am wearing virgin, sin & buck shades.
it's like having make-up with the no make-up feel.

during the day, and when i can remember,
i wear the shadows over primer, a different brand,
even if the palette comes with a small primer bottle.
succinctly, the extra primer defeats its purpose,
to make the eyeshadows last longer.
let's just say, if on its own and on my dry lids {of course with moisturizer}
they last for a good four hours before i can say i am not wearing any eye shadow.
not bad with two to four hours of clubbing
but not enough for a whole day of what-nots
or a whole evening of partying.

it also comes with a brush which i don't really have any problems with.
though it has had mixed reviews.
not that i have a lot of eyeshadow brushes to compare with.
so just take it from that.
but if you're on the go and don't have much space in your purse
to carry around extra brushes, 
then the palette brush will serve its purpose. 

i am dying to have the naked2 palette.
let me save up for it...


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