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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

reason to believe

~ peplum top : cotton on
~ skinny jeans : props
~ heels : aldo
~ bracelets : assorted china & bangkok finds
~ ring : forever 21
~ necklace : props

i am not gonna allow october to conclude without me wearing pink
and showing my utmost support for breast cancer awareness.

see, my mom is a breast cancer survivor 
and early detection was a big constituent in her survival.
it had been years since her surgery and of course we're still praying that it doesn't recur.

me and my sisters are highly at risk.
but i am not telling you this to scare you nor am i asking for sympathy.
i'm saying this to show that it is not something to be scared of.
there may be much to understand
but awareness is a major factor when you or a loved one has breast cancer.

there are a lot of helpful websites out there, like susan g. komen for the cure,
that provide useful and helpful information to get you through it.

i am not going to preach here as i'm scared i will be ranting in circles.
but ladies, do breast self-exams every month on a day that's not easy to forget.
usually seven days after the first day of your period.
visit breast self-examination on how to do it.
and once you notice something abnormal, visit your doctor immediately.


| reason to believe - dashboard confessional; "dusk and summer" |

Thursday, October 25, 2012

if not now, when?

~ printed dress : props
~ bag : props
~ rorschach necklace : props
~ forest green wedges : qupid
~ gold cuff : pink pvssy
~ ring : forever 21

been dying to wear this dress but never did
as i felt it was too short for my everyday office wear.
then i rummaged through my closet to find something to wear for my birthday dinner. 
then voila!

|| mini cappuccino brulee : madeleine {waterfront hotel & casino - lahug
|| chocolate fudge cake : madeleine {waterfront hotel & casino - lahug

my birthday cakes were to die for! seriously!
you should go check out madeleine's cakes.
the chocolate fudge by the way is made to order and not on their display nor menu.
you have to order it a day ahead and directly from the chef.
thanks to our friend who works at the hotel who introduced us to this.

my birthday dinner was only with family and i wouldn't have it any other way.
with my little sister in australia, she still joined us via facetime.

dinner was nothing fancy, just korean barbecue, at the banri.
we had a good fill, nothing to complain regarding the food.
service should improve though, that you nearly need to shout to get their attention.
also, they don't honor senior citizen's discount!
i don't really know where to complain for that 
but i hope someone from the government will read this and take some action.

all in all it was the birthday i wanted,
tranquil, warm and with family.


| if not now, when? - incubus, "if not now, when?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

no other way

~ extra long sweater : cotton on
~ cropped top : props
~ inner top : mango
~ ombre shorts : shorts from props; ombre DIY dyed last summer
~ lime green flip flops : cotton on
~ assorted wooden bangles : bangkok finds
~ leather flower ring : bangkok finds

this is probably the second time i've worn these shorts.
dyed it ombre yellow-pink last summer when ombre became really hot.
too bad my photo don't seem to do the colors some justice due to poor lighting conditions.
my bad, as i only remembered having my outfit shot
right when the sun went down.

shangri-la's mactan island resort and spa has always been 
a favorite of me and warren for a day or two of relaxation.
if only it was affordable!

so we save stays at the resort for special occasions, like my pre-birthday weekend.

on the first day, 
as much as we wanted to get out of the room and lounge by the beach
the weather was nowhere near cooperative with rain showers.
so i succumbed to my reading by the room's balcony
while warren occupied himself with his online stuff.
it was still relaxing as it should be, sans the sun & the beach.

the second day it may not have been as sunny as we wanted it to be
but no-rain was enough, for us to enjoy the beach.

as for the book i started reading,
i would wanna give my little review of it soon.


| no other way - jack johnson; "in between dreams" |

Thursday, October 18, 2012

time and tide

~ stripes top : props
~ red velvet shorts : props
~ navy blazer : max & co
~ wedges : parisian 
~ necklace : pink pvssy
~ rings : china finds
~ white bangle : rubi {cotton on}

unlike most of my other outfits, this one was not inspired by the shoes.
it was more about the red shorts, with emphasis on the red.
from there embarked the whole sailor pegged outfit.
sans the sailor hat.

there's virtually three pieces of red garments in my closet.
two tops that i wore only once to each of my in-law's birthdays this year,
{ wearing red is stipulated in chinese traditions during special occasions }
and these shorts that i got two months ago.

evidently, red is not my favorite color.
not that i hate it, just that am not that attracted to it.
a choice very well proven wrong by these shorts.

this may be the beginning of having more red in my closet.
reds that i buy because i want to, and not because i have to.

btw, am not sure if you've noticed but the pockets of these shorts
seem to be a tribute to mickey and minnie mouse.
warren said the same thing.


| time and tide - basia; "time and tide" |

Saturday, October 13, 2012

science of fear

~ army green blazer : la donna
~ animal print sheer top : props
~ black leggings : props
~ wayfarers : rubi {cotton on}
~ necklace : DIY 
~ leather cuffs : props
~ ring : www {sm accessories}
~ jeffrey campbell litas : blogger's united bazaar {from divine lee's stash}

i may never be able to get over how i got these fabulous jc's.
probably until the next blogger's united bazaar,
if i get another pair or two or even more from divine lee's pre-loved items.
lucky me, we have the same shoe size.
for sure her's will be the first booth i'll go to during bu4.

the only problem with these shoes isn't actually mine,
but warren's, since it adds a good five inches to my height.
making me six feet flat and three inches taller than him,
that he has to walk a few feet ahead of me when we're out.


| science of fear - temper trap; "conditions"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

between the days

~ ikat print dress : props
~ wedges : varsavia
~ snakeskin wood/resin bangle : pink pvssy
~ rings : china finds

i was in love with this dress because of the print.
and silently hoping, that it would fit me
as most free size dresses are too short for me.
but incredibly, it was just the right everything!
the right fit, the right coverage, the right length.

am wearing casual wedges to subdue the sexiness of the dress.
but for a night out with friends, i would wear this dress
with black heeled booties or gold stilettos, 
and some big chinky necklace or huge dangling earrings.


| between the days - merril bainbridge; "between the days" |

Saturday, October 6, 2012

orange blossom special

~ tipped collar embroidered top : props
~ gold high waist shorts : props
~ floral wedge booties : qupid
~ bracelet and leather cuff : props
~ oval ring : china finds
~ flower ring : www {SM dept. store}

floral much?
again, it all started with the shoes...
i wanted to go full-on floral on floral prints but when i looked in the mirror,
i couldn't do it! coward!
so i decided on this tipped collar top, which is still actually floral
but safe enough in solid cream color.

|| appetizers : puso restaurant {quest hotel}

i must admit, i am an appetizer junkie...
and good thing the appetizers at puso did not disappoint.
from sushi, sashimi, quiche to salads, i had 'em all!
followed by half a plate of carbonara and a few pieces of broccoli,
i still had enough room for my next favorite --- desserts!
the buffet at puso restaurant at quest hotel is worth a try.
at php495 +++, it's not bad at all.
especially the appetizers!


| orange blossom special - johnny cash; "orange blossom special"

Monday, October 1, 2012

my october symphony

~ white off-shoulder shirt : props
~ blue 3/4 pencil skirt : props
~ grey ankle boots : forever 21
~ pink faux alligator skin envelope bag : props
~ assorted bangles : from everywhere {china, bangkok, props, sm accessories}
~ butterfly ring : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}

i've had this skirt in my closet for the longest time
and it's the first time am able to wear it... i don't even know why.
though now on, i might wear it more often as the fit is really nice
and comfy enough as opposed to how pencil skirts could be constricting.
though, i just need to watch it when getting into the car
as the hem could very well get caught when i fold my knees
and i might just rip the skirt off me if am not careful.

it's october now, how time flies... and it will be christmas soon,
but first comes my birthday! {in a few weeks}


| my october symphony - pet shop boys, "behaviour" |