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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

reason to believe

~ peplum top : cotton on
~ skinny jeans : props
~ heels : aldo
~ bracelets : assorted china & bangkok finds
~ ring : forever 21
~ necklace : props

i am not gonna allow october to conclude without me wearing pink
and showing my utmost support for breast cancer awareness.

see, my mom is a breast cancer survivor 
and early detection was a big constituent in her survival.
it had been years since her surgery and of course we're still praying that it doesn't recur.

me and my sisters are highly at risk.
but i am not telling you this to scare you nor am i asking for sympathy.
i'm saying this to show that it is not something to be scared of.
there may be much to understand
but awareness is a major factor when you or a loved one has breast cancer.

there are a lot of helpful websites out there, like susan g. komen for the cure,
that provide useful and helpful information to get you through it.

i am not going to preach here as i'm scared i will be ranting in circles.
but ladies, do breast self-exams every month on a day that's not easy to forget.
usually seven days after the first day of your period.
visit breast self-examination on how to do it.
and once you notice something abnormal, visit your doctor immediately.


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