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Saturday, September 29, 2012

purple love balloon

~ coral long back sleeveless top : props
~ black shorts : props
~ necklace & leather cuffs : props
~ rings : china finds
~ black open-toe wedge booties : rubi {cotton on}

a sun shiny morning so it seems...
and i wanted to wear these open toe booties.
so i wore shorts and the chiffon top with it
to attenuate the heat from our perennial tropical climate 
and the leather of the shoes!

|| nail polish : rubi {cotton on}

i love the color of this polish!
don't you?
{this is what am wearing in the outfit photos above}

if only it doesn't chip so easily...
it only lasts me a day or two and i had to re-apply again.
good thing though, the rubi nail polish dries faster than our local brands
and the brush glides so easily for faster polish application.

one way to make nail polish chip less is applying a clear base before.
but am not really a fan of bases as it could cause nail discoloration.
so i'd rather re-apply nail polish or none at all
rather than get discolored or yellowish nails.


| purple love balloon - cud; "rich & strange" |

Saturday, September 22, 2012

bare naked

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ leather cuffs : PROPS
~ ring & necklace : china finds
~ shoes : people are people

the last time i wore this exact same ensemble was during lifedance 2012.
sans the heel of course.
its perfect for a hot, humid day {the usual weather in our country}
 yet dapper enough {i think} to wear to the club or a party.
i would wear gold stilletos with this if i was going to the club.
though i wore beige flat sandals to lifedance 2012 as it was an outdoor event.

well, nothing much happened this day
and as i make it a point to write about something else aside from what am wearing
i might as well give my review about urban decay naked palette.
i know i might be way behind in this review 
as their second palette has been released 
and i may even be a tad late if i review that also.

well then, humor me.

this is my favorite eye shadow palette so far.
i bring it with me all the time 
as it easily transforms my day make-up to evening
with shades ranging from the lightest cream {virgin}
the beige to brown family {with matte and shimmer finish},
to shadowy greys {creep & gunmetal}.

i've had this shadow early this year so you can say
my trove has really been used and even abused.
hence the photo above i got from

i'm actually wearing the shadow in my outfit shots above.
sorry that there's no clear shot of it,
but am wearing virgin, sin & buck shades.
it's like having make-up with the no make-up feel.

during the day, and when i can remember,
i wear the shadows over primer, a different brand,
even if the palette comes with a small primer bottle.
succinctly, the extra primer defeats its purpose,
to make the eyeshadows last longer.
let's just say, if on its own and on my dry lids {of course with moisturizer}
they last for a good four hours before i can say i am not wearing any eye shadow.
not bad with two to four hours of clubbing
but not enough for a whole day of what-nots
or a whole evening of partying.

it also comes with a brush which i don't really have any problems with.
though it has had mixed reviews.
not that i have a lot of eyeshadow brushes to compare with.
so just take it from that.
but if you're on the go and don't have much space in your purse
to carry around extra brushes, 
then the palette brush will serve its purpose. 

i am dying to have the naked2 palette.
let me save up for it...


| bare naked - jennifer love hewitt; |

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

desperately wanting

~ extreme mullet top : cotton on
~ dark blue jeans : onyx
~ white vest : SM dept. store
~ sling bag : PROPS
~ wedge peep-toe booties : parisian {SM dept. store}
~ leather cuffs : PROPS

i love this top!
this was one of my mom's pasalubong (travel gift) from her last trip to australia.
she got this at the cotton on store, on sale.
i've worn this top about four times in the past two months,
which proves that i really, really love it.
i wore it twice with shorts, the other time with leggings. 
it's like your most comfortable t-shirt, only more stylish cuz of the mullet.

and these jeans, is one of only two blue jeans that i own.
not that i don't like jeans, just that i get allergies
on contact with denim fabric.
and i'd hate to be scratching the whole time when wearing them.
good thing the fabric of this one don't give me such allergies.

on another note,
i've been waking up each morning since saturday
to a very painful and stiff neck 
which also goes down the muscles of my wing bone.
{called the scapula}
i take pain reliever just to get me through the pain,
but even so, the limited range of motion cuz of the tight muscles
is just so uncomfortable and so annoying.

i really don't know anymore what position is should take when sleeping.
i must have tried all possible relieving positions
only to wake up with the same thing the past few mornings.

i'm really hoping to be waking up tomorrow 
without such pain and discomfort.
let's wait and see.


| desperately wanting - better than ezra; "friction, baby" |

Saturday, September 15, 2012

battle of one

~ t-shirt : from warren's closet
~ asymmetrical vest : PROPS
~ printed leggings : PROPS
~ resin bangle : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}
~ black cuff : china finds
~ wedges : rubi  

these wedges arrived last monday
and have been so excited to wear it.
so again this time,
the whole outfit is inspired by the shoes.

the t-shirt might seem like a mockery of che guevara
but am not wearing it like that. not at all.
am wearing it, for one, it is cohesive with the rest of the outfit
and second, it's fun!
you have to admit, the humor behind it is quite amusing.
at least i think so, every time warren wears it.

our day at the office always end up
with a few games of monopoly deal.
but this night, as it was pay day, five of us from the office
{two of our artists, our marketing manager, me and warren}
brought our game over at julia's grill in talamban.

this game is so addictive!
once you get the tricks, you always want to play more.
though our last game after dinner proved my last statement wrong.
as it dragged on far longer than the game usually does.
no one won even after how many times the community cards was re-shuffled.
ugh! it was the worst game ever!

oh, i'm not discouraging you,
you have yet to try the game.
there are two versions that we've played.
the regular one, and the hong kong edition.
the hk edition have twenty additional cards
with five action cards that are game changing.

really, try it!


| battle of one - thirty seconds to mars; "a beautiful lie"

dj got us falling in love

~ knit oversized top - from my sister ipay {thrifted}
~ jeans : PROPS
~ wedges : primadonna
~ necklace : china finds
~ leather cuffs : khaosan road, bangkok
~ silver bracelet : china town, bangkok

|| these are just a few of my instagram photos

it was warren's birthday last weekend,
one could say it was a whole weekend of celebration.

on the eve of his birthday,
it was just the two of us with dinner at banri.
then a dessert date over at dolce.
i had their mango brulee while warren had their smores.
am sorry but i don't understand the fuss over dolce.
yes, the place is nice.
perfect ambience for coffee, some dessert and catching up with friends.
but their cakes, were not much to rave about.
i mean, one could get better dessert fix somewhere else.
i guess in this case, ambience wins!

we went home right before midnight,
so warren had the chance to blow his first mini birthday cake at home.
this cake we got from madeleine at waterfront hotel & casino - lahug
it's their gateau and this is all so worth it!
moist chocolate cake, rich choco mousse & creamy custard filling!

this is warren's official birthday cake
that we served after dinner with his family on the day of his birthday.
you might notice the blueberry cheesecake at the back
and think that it's too much dessert for one evening.
then, you don't know how big warren's family is.

both cakes we also got from madeleine
though they might be a little pricey, their cakes are all definitely worth it!!!

after dinner with warren's family
we headed down to alchology to celebrate with his friends.
they just opened their new VIP lounge.
it has about four lounge sets,
it's own comfort room and soon it's own bar.
truly, you'll feel like a VIP being there.
you enjoy the music, feel the energy of the crowd
but in your own little party space.

and this bottle of johnnie walker was followed by two more
that we all ended up so plastered, it was a riot!

i would have wanted to post some photos of the evening
courtesy of alchology's official photographers.
just my luck, the head photographer called me come monday,
reporting that the memory card used that night got busted.


| dj got us falling in love - usher; "versus"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

neon brights

~ top : PROPS
~ shorts : roxy
~ jelly flip flops : PROPS
~ jelly woven bag : chatuchak market, bangkok
~ neon bangles & necklace : china finds

of course, we didn't leave panglao without enjoying the beach one last time.
we woke up early, soaked and splashed.

|| four cheese pizza 

we checked out around one in the afternoon
and our ride to pier was picking us up at two
so we had an hour for lunch.
we were somehow looking forward to this oven baked pizza
only to be disappointed.
i don't need to say anymore,
but it's not a must-try when you happen to be at alona beach.

all good things must come to an end...
as much as we would have wanted to stay in panglao much longer,
we had to leave.
then again, there's still no place like home.


| neon brights - taken by cars; "endings of a new kind"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

pure shores

~ swimwear : PROPS
~ shirt dress : PROPS
~ cuff : pink pvssy {bangkok}
~ necklace : china finds

it was a bright sunny day, perfect for the beach.
and as promised we went out of our hotel room 
and stayed outside the whole day!

we did a little work over coffee
before lunch at alona kew resort.
food was not bad, but we were not ecstatic at all.
i ordered the bolognese 
and it was more of filipino style spaghetti than being what it was named.
a disappointment but when you're hungry, you eat!
i could say that the best part about our meal
was the potatoes with ham and onions.

with the very cheap beer at our resort
we were chugging it as early as two in the afternoon.
and happy hour on mixed drinks later had me shift to caipirina.
you only pay one-fourth of its price from
four to six in the afternoon.

so, with all the alcohol so early,
we had dinner and signed off...
which was a good thing so we were able to wake up early the next day
and had time to enjoy the beach one more time
before leaving in the afternoon.

more of our last day in panglao... soon...


| pure shores - all saints; "the beach" original soundtrack |

times like these

~ top : PROPS
~ shorts : roxy
~ swimwear : PROPS
~ ring & neon bangles : china finds
~ woven bag : chatuchak market, bangkok

finally, panglao!
this was during the three-day long weekend two weeks ago.
the vacation we badly needed.
the vacation we deserved.

we arrived at our resort, lost horizon in alona beach, panglao, past twelve noon.
and we were lucky at that 
because if we arrived just a minute later at the oceanjet terminal, 
we would have been bumped to the two pm boat
which was supposed to arrive in tagbilaran at four pm.
you see, oceanjet has a new system 
that you have to check-in thirty minutes before your boat schedule
or else your seat will be given to chance passengers.
it's not supposedly new to everyone, because airlines do that.
just that oceanjet just started implementing such system,
and like us, not a lot of people knew about it.
before, as long as you have a ticket, a seat is reserved for you.
that would have been convenient, but i prefer this new system
even if we would have been victims,
because i believe, a new and better system 
will always benefit everyone in the long run.
for one, oceanjet can keep their trips right on schedule.

we had lunch as soon as we arrived,
then walked along the stretch of alona beach
just to check the possibilities of activities for the next two days.
we went back to our room to unpack
and supposedly prepare for a little swim.
"supposedly" because we later found ourselves 
just watching tv for three hours after that.
so shoot us for wasting a perfectly nice afternoon at the beach!
we don't have cable tv at home,
and it's only during trips, at hotel rooms that we get cable tv.
pathetic huh?!
we promised to enjoy the beach outside the next two days.

so it was already dark when we went out again,
just in time for dinner.
i had a delicious plate of lemon-butter shrimps all to myself,
as warren isn't a fan of seafoods,
and two cups of rice!

we actually went bar hopping after that,
with one drink at every bar.
and my drink of choice when at the beach
is always a refreshing caipirina.
oh, and i didn't have just one glass.
let's just say, i had enough to get me tipsy.


|| times like these - jack johnson; "on & on" ||

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

grow up & blow away

~ knit top & pleated skirt : PROPS
~ inner top : mango
~ bag : parisian
~ wedges : ramp {the ramp crossings}
~ cuff & ring : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}

these wedges were a gift from warren during one of our trips to manila.
the shoe choices they have there can get so overwhelming.
it's usually during trips to manila or abroad that i shop for shoes.

i love the color of these wedges.
it goes to show, the shoes inspire me first
then the whole outfit next.

on another note,
one of warren's friend, kenneth, just passed the nursing board exams 
taken last june 30-july 01, 2012!!!
it indeed called for a celebration.

it was dinner at sunburst, then drinks at IT park.
the boys found this newly opened japanese restaurant beside chicken & beer 
{and am so sorry but i didn't get the name of the place} 
which at that time they had a promo
where all their food and drinks were at half the price!
surprisingly, the place wasn't crowded.
perfect for drinks and a whole lot of talking.

i especially loved the interior of the place & their white-washed tables and chairs.
i promise to get the name next time i visit!

|| grow up & blow away - metric; "static anonymity"