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Saturday, September 8, 2012

pure shores

~ swimwear : PROPS
~ shirt dress : PROPS
~ cuff : pink pvssy {bangkok}
~ necklace : china finds

it was a bright sunny day, perfect for the beach.
and as promised we went out of our hotel room 
and stayed outside the whole day!

we did a little work over coffee
before lunch at alona kew resort.
food was not bad, but we were not ecstatic at all.
i ordered the bolognese 
and it was more of filipino style spaghetti than being what it was named.
a disappointment but when you're hungry, you eat!
i could say that the best part about our meal
was the potatoes with ham and onions.

with the very cheap beer at our resort
we were chugging it as early as two in the afternoon.
and happy hour on mixed drinks later had me shift to caipirina.
you only pay one-fourth of its price from
four to six in the afternoon.

so, with all the alcohol so early,
we had dinner and signed off...
which was a good thing so we were able to wake up early the next day
and had time to enjoy the beach one more time
before leaving in the afternoon.

more of our last day in panglao... soon...


| pure shores - all saints; "the beach" original soundtrack |


Chyrel Gomez said...

I hate the female masseuse along the beach but Alona's really vibrant during the night. Wish we stayed two more nights there. =)

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