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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

grow up & blow away

~ knit top & pleated skirt : PROPS
~ inner top : mango
~ bag : parisian
~ wedges : ramp {the ramp crossings}
~ cuff & ring : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}

these wedges were a gift from warren during one of our trips to manila.
the shoe choices they have there can get so overwhelming.
it's usually during trips to manila or abroad that i shop for shoes.

i love the color of these wedges.
it goes to show, the shoes inspire me first
then the whole outfit next.

on another note,
one of warren's friend, kenneth, just passed the nursing board exams 
taken last june 30-july 01, 2012!!!
it indeed called for a celebration.

it was dinner at sunburst, then drinks at IT park.
the boys found this newly opened japanese restaurant beside chicken & beer 
{and am so sorry but i didn't get the name of the place} 
which at that time they had a promo
where all their food and drinks were at half the price!
surprisingly, the place wasn't crowded.
perfect for drinks and a whole lot of talking.

i especially loved the interior of the place & their white-washed tables and chairs.
i promise to get the name next time i visit!

|| grow up & blow away - metric; "static anonymity"


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

free booze jud? LOL.

haha, i was looking for this skirt during the pop-up sale! no wonder the yvonne the mannequin was no longer wearing it…cuz you have it! :p

charm pia tan said...

yapi, the red one is still available… :)

Anonymous said...

I looove your shoes.....

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