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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

desperately wanting

~ extreme mullet top : cotton on
~ dark blue jeans : onyx
~ white vest : SM dept. store
~ sling bag : PROPS
~ wedge peep-toe booties : parisian {SM dept. store}
~ leather cuffs : PROPS

i love this top!
this was one of my mom's pasalubong (travel gift) from her last trip to australia.
she got this at the cotton on store, on sale.
i've worn this top about four times in the past two months,
which proves that i really, really love it.
i wore it twice with shorts, the other time with leggings. 
it's like your most comfortable t-shirt, only more stylish cuz of the mullet.

and these jeans, is one of only two blue jeans that i own.
not that i don't like jeans, just that i get allergies
on contact with denim fabric.
and i'd hate to be scratching the whole time when wearing them.
good thing the fabric of this one don't give me such allergies.

on another note,
i've been waking up each morning since saturday
to a very painful and stiff neck 
which also goes down the muscles of my wing bone.
{called the scapula}
i take pain reliever just to get me through the pain,
but even so, the limited range of motion cuz of the tight muscles
is just so uncomfortable and so annoying.

i really don't know anymore what position is should take when sleeping.
i must have tried all possible relieving positions
only to wake up with the same thing the past few mornings.

i'm really hoping to be waking up tomorrow 
without such pain and discomfort.
let's wait and see.


| desperately wanting - better than ezra; "friction, baby" |


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