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Saturday, September 15, 2012

dj got us falling in love

~ knit oversized top - from my sister ipay {thrifted}
~ jeans : PROPS
~ wedges : primadonna
~ necklace : china finds
~ leather cuffs : khaosan road, bangkok
~ silver bracelet : china town, bangkok

|| these are just a few of my instagram photos

it was warren's birthday last weekend,
one could say it was a whole weekend of celebration.

on the eve of his birthday,
it was just the two of us with dinner at banri.
then a dessert date over at dolce.
i had their mango brulee while warren had their smores.
am sorry but i don't understand the fuss over dolce.
yes, the place is nice.
perfect ambience for coffee, some dessert and catching up with friends.
but their cakes, were not much to rave about.
i mean, one could get better dessert fix somewhere else.
i guess in this case, ambience wins!

we went home right before midnight,
so warren had the chance to blow his first mini birthday cake at home.
this cake we got from madeleine at waterfront hotel & casino - lahug
it's their gateau and this is all so worth it!
moist chocolate cake, rich choco mousse & creamy custard filling!

this is warren's official birthday cake
that we served after dinner with his family on the day of his birthday.
you might notice the blueberry cheesecake at the back
and think that it's too much dessert for one evening.
then, you don't know how big warren's family is.

both cakes we also got from madeleine
though they might be a little pricey, their cakes are all definitely worth it!!!

after dinner with warren's family
we headed down to alchology to celebrate with his friends.
they just opened their new VIP lounge.
it has about four lounge sets,
it's own comfort room and soon it's own bar.
truly, you'll feel like a VIP being there.
you enjoy the music, feel the energy of the crowd
but in your own little party space.

and this bottle of johnnie walker was followed by two more
that we all ended up so plastered, it was a riot!

i would have wanted to post some photos of the evening
courtesy of alchology's official photographers.
just my luck, the head photographer called me come monday,
reporting that the memory card used that night got busted.


| dj got us falling in love - usher; "versus"


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