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Saturday, September 8, 2012

times like these

~ top : PROPS
~ shorts : roxy
~ swimwear : PROPS
~ ring & neon bangles : china finds
~ woven bag : chatuchak market, bangkok

finally, panglao!
this was during the three-day long weekend two weeks ago.
the vacation we badly needed.
the vacation we deserved.

we arrived at our resort, lost horizon in alona beach, panglao, past twelve noon.
and we were lucky at that 
because if we arrived just a minute later at the oceanjet terminal, 
we would have been bumped to the two pm boat
which was supposed to arrive in tagbilaran at four pm.
you see, oceanjet has a new system 
that you have to check-in thirty minutes before your boat schedule
or else your seat will be given to chance passengers.
it's not supposedly new to everyone, because airlines do that.
just that oceanjet just started implementing such system,
and like us, not a lot of people knew about it.
before, as long as you have a ticket, a seat is reserved for you.
that would have been convenient, but i prefer this new system
even if we would have been victims,
because i believe, a new and better system 
will always benefit everyone in the long run.
for one, oceanjet can keep their trips right on schedule.

we had lunch as soon as we arrived,
then walked along the stretch of alona beach
just to check the possibilities of activities for the next two days.
we went back to our room to unpack
and supposedly prepare for a little swim.
"supposedly" because we later found ourselves 
just watching tv for three hours after that.
so shoot us for wasting a perfectly nice afternoon at the beach!
we don't have cable tv at home,
and it's only during trips, at hotel rooms that we get cable tv.
pathetic huh?!
we promised to enjoy the beach outside the next two days.

so it was already dark when we went out again,
just in time for dinner.
i had a delicious plate of lemon-butter shrimps all to myself,
as warren isn't a fan of seafoods,
and two cups of rice!

we actually went bar hopping after that,
with one drink at every bar.
and my drink of choice when at the beach
is always a refreshing caipirina.
oh, and i didn't have just one glass.
let's just say, i had enough to get me tipsy.


|| times like these - jack johnson; "on & on" ||


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