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Saturday, September 15, 2012

battle of one

~ t-shirt : from warren's closet
~ asymmetrical vest : PROPS
~ printed leggings : PROPS
~ resin bangle : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}
~ black cuff : china finds
~ wedges : rubi  

these wedges arrived last monday
and have been so excited to wear it.
so again this time,
the whole outfit is inspired by the shoes.

the t-shirt might seem like a mockery of che guevara
but am not wearing it like that. not at all.
am wearing it, for one, it is cohesive with the rest of the outfit
and second, it's fun!
you have to admit, the humor behind it is quite amusing.
at least i think so, every time warren wears it.

our day at the office always end up
with a few games of monopoly deal.
but this night, as it was pay day, five of us from the office
{two of our artists, our marketing manager, me and warren}
brought our game over at julia's grill in talamban.

this game is so addictive!
once you get the tricks, you always want to play more.
though our last game after dinner proved my last statement wrong.
as it dragged on far longer than the game usually does.
no one won even after how many times the community cards was re-shuffled.
ugh! it was the worst game ever!

oh, i'm not discouraging you,
you have yet to try the game.
there are two versions that we've played.
the regular one, and the hong kong edition.
the hk edition have twenty additional cards
with five action cards that are game changing.

really, try it!


| battle of one - thirty seconds to mars; "a beautiful lie"


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