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Saturday, September 29, 2012

purple love balloon

~ coral long back sleeveless top : props
~ black shorts : props
~ necklace & leather cuffs : props
~ rings : china finds
~ black open-toe wedge booties : rubi {cotton on}

a sun shiny morning so it seems...
and i wanted to wear these open toe booties.
so i wore shorts and the chiffon top with it
to attenuate the heat from our perennial tropical climate 
and the leather of the shoes!

|| nail polish : rubi {cotton on}

i love the color of this polish!
don't you?
{this is what am wearing in the outfit photos above}

if only it doesn't chip so easily...
it only lasts me a day or two and i had to re-apply again.
good thing though, the rubi nail polish dries faster than our local brands
and the brush glides so easily for faster polish application.

one way to make nail polish chip less is applying a clear base before.
but am not really a fan of bases as it could cause nail discoloration.
so i'd rather re-apply nail polish or none at all
rather than get discolored or yellowish nails.


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