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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

no other way

~ extra long sweater : cotton on
~ cropped top : props
~ inner top : mango
~ ombre shorts : shorts from props; ombre DIY dyed last summer
~ lime green flip flops : cotton on
~ assorted wooden bangles : bangkok finds
~ leather flower ring : bangkok finds

this is probably the second time i've worn these shorts.
dyed it ombre yellow-pink last summer when ombre became really hot.
too bad my photo don't seem to do the colors some justice due to poor lighting conditions.
my bad, as i only remembered having my outfit shot
right when the sun went down.

shangri-la's mactan island resort and spa has always been 
a favorite of me and warren for a day or two of relaxation.
if only it was affordable!

so we save stays at the resort for special occasions, like my pre-birthday weekend.

on the first day, 
as much as we wanted to get out of the room and lounge by the beach
the weather was nowhere near cooperative with rain showers.
so i succumbed to my reading by the room's balcony
while warren occupied himself with his online stuff.
it was still relaxing as it should be, sans the sun & the beach.

the second day it may not have been as sunny as we wanted it to be
but no-rain was enough, for us to enjoy the beach.

as for the book i started reading,
i would wanna give my little review of it soon.


| no other way - jack johnson; "in between dreams" |


vanessa east said...

charm! i love the shorts! and i loooovee miguel syjuco since forever! i remember he has a poem that goes something like 'if you want to learn cebuano you have to kiss a lovely cebuana' or something like that hahaha hows ilustrado, btw?


charm pia tan said...


you have a small business doing ombre shorts right? hope it's doing well :)

anyhoo, 'ilustrado' is a must read... i just loooove miguel syjuco's satires!

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