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Thursday, October 18, 2012

time and tide

~ stripes top : props
~ red velvet shorts : props
~ navy blazer : max & co
~ wedges : parisian 
~ necklace : pink pvssy
~ rings : china finds
~ white bangle : rubi {cotton on}

unlike most of my other outfits, this one was not inspired by the shoes.
it was more about the red shorts, with emphasis on the red.
from there embarked the whole sailor pegged outfit.
sans the sailor hat.

there's virtually three pieces of red garments in my closet.
two tops that i wore only once to each of my in-law's birthdays this year,
{ wearing red is stipulated in chinese traditions during special occasions }
and these shorts that i got two months ago.

evidently, red is not my favorite color.
not that i hate it, just that am not that attracted to it.
a choice very well proven wrong by these shorts.

this may be the beginning of having more red in my closet.
reds that i buy because i want to, and not because i have to.

btw, am not sure if you've noticed but the pockets of these shorts
seem to be a tribute to mickey and minnie mouse.
warren said the same thing.


| time and tide - basia; "time and tide" |


Ishna said...

I love your outfit! I always find red and blue stripes a perfect combination! Love your shoe, btw. Following you now!

Sasa Valencia said...

i love your look babe♥

vanessa east said...

hi charm! niceeeee everything here! see you BU4? adto dayon kang divine hehehe


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