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Friday, July 6, 2012

bringing home the bacon

my lunch… 

4 long slices of bacon
1 pan-scrambled egg
2 slices of whole-wheat bread

and there's more of these freezing in our fridge, waiting to clog our arteries! 
sinful as it is, delicious [like all other things in life]

i have a few things to share about this meal:

we bought this "purefoods" bacon, sans its product packaging at HALF THE RETAIL PRICE from  groceries nationwide. this is from one street in marikina very near the "purefoods" plant. i am not sure what street that was cuz am not from the area, and was just there visiting my aunt during a trip to metro manila. if you want to go there just be directed to the "purefoods" plant and you can find quite a number of vendors selling this unlabelled goodies. of course, these are cuts that didn't pass the quality control standards hence sold at a very low price… but hey! who cares?! it's the same premium taste and the same cured meat.

how to cook bacon to render more fat: this one is a breeze! 


this process allows you to cook the bacon crisp and delicious as it should, takes out more fat from the meat rather than adding more when frying, gives you bacon fat which as they say is flavorful and can be used in various cooking methods.

…i still feel guilty after that lunch. i just need to remind myself, that i don't eat them in excess [even if we did buy a lot! it was cheap!!!!]. 
in life i try to enjoy things as they come. 
i walk on the wild-side but not go overboard. 
everything in moderation, so they say :)


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