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Sunday, July 8, 2012


today was hectic, fun & fulfilling.

i had a clearance sale for my clothing business [which is another story yet be told],
so my usual relaxed-saturday was spent working. 
not that am complaining because the turn out of the sale was great! 
just that, the day deserved a little unwinding afterwards…

it so happened that some of our friends were craving for yakiniku, 
so me & hubby decided to join them.

yakiniku dinner was at tajimaya in crossroads. 
it was filling as expected, what with eat-all-you-can on angus beef. 
then again, with ones tendency to over-eat, food seem to get back at you at some point. 
after out Nth serving of beef, we started feeling queasy :( :( :(

so after having our fill and to somehow relieve ourselves from feeling sick, 
we decided to get a few drinks to help us digest all that food {and fat!}

"distillery" just opened a couple of months ago and twas time for us to check the place out.
[for those who know me too well, you might not believe me, but yes, tonight is the first time i've been to the place]
they sell imported beer, liquor {by the bottle} & apparently, wine at distributor's price.
this has been a go-to place for weekend warriors being the first stop for drinks before
heading to clubs where the drinks are sold at higher prices.
and not just that, the place is not just a hole-in-the-wall even with its prices,
its still a contemporary bar ambience with house music.

and so, on our first visit, the first choice of drink was just a round of strong bow beer, 
then my husband wanted wine… and then it started to get confusing as to who will share the bottle of wine with him, which turned out unnecessary because they didn't have stock of strongbow {surprisingly! on a saturday night!!!}

so wine it is…

i may have preferred merlot, but again, surprisingly they did not have it…

between the six of us who shared the wine, what was just one bottle as originally planned became two bottles. it may well have become three or even four, a year ago.
as much as i don't wanna admit, age does get the better of you…
if before, we meet with friends 12mn or even later to go clubbing…
now, at 12mn we start getting our bill to start heading home.

yes, i got home an hour ago… showered, made this entry and now ready to sleep {if i can}.
i may not have the energy i used to have when weekends are for partying,
but quiet evenings of dinner, drinks & friends is a heartening way to end a day...


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