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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

welcome back mom

~ top : PROPS
~ skirt : french connection uk
~ sandals : sensini, bangkok
~ necklace : gift from sister-in-law
~ ring & bangles : china finds

i decided to wear something breezy as it was a perfectly sunny day last monday,
and we were to go to the airport to pick up my mom

who is arriving from australia, 
after staying with my sister for three months to accompany her in a time of grief.
[i don't think i can tell that sad story of my youngest sister now, as this is supposedly a happy entry, so many another time]

we did miss mom even for the short time she was away,
most especially my dad, since it was the first time they've been separated that long.
she had so many tales of her stay in the land down under,
and am so happy for everything that she was able to experience.

filipinos that we are,
the perks of having friends and family coming home from trips abroad are the goodies!!!!
my mom, the sweet tooth, 
brought with her nineteen packs of tim tam and lots of other chocolates 
that i had to tease her of carrying twenty kilos of chocolates with her!
and the best part were the clothes and shoes for me and my other sister :)

will post photos of them soon…
as am actually excited to wearing them all!
watch out for that…



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