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Thursday, July 12, 2012

like the first time

~ blazer, lace shorts : PROPS
~ tank top : mango
~ 2 sets long layered necklace : DIY {materials bought from cebu hardware}
~ bangles : bangkok finds {chatuchak, pink pvssy}
~ shoes : primadonna

i wanted this, so i had to do it… outfit shots i mean :)

they say there's always a first time for everything… 
not to preempt that am gonna ask that you indulge me in however awkward this shot seem.

i wear whatever suits my fancy to the office since we have NO DRESS CODE… sweet!!!
{plus, i know the owner **wink**} 
even if i can get away wearing PJs & flipflops, 
i still wear my heels even if there's only about 8 other people who can see me!
only to indulge myself playing dress-up and to take that chance, 
that maybe, just maybe, me & hubby are goin' somewhere else after work.
not that we don't have a social life, just that work sometimes gets a bit tiring 
that all we wanna do after is go home [we love home]

and on that note, we got off work around 9pm!!!
with me sooooo hungry, starving even…
but warren [my husband] seem to always have some last minute thing to do 
that takes around 20 to 30mins, even more and he zones out while he's into it 
& it leaves dinner no other choice but to wait. 
am not saying he's not doing anything important, 
and not that waiting is that tedious cuz i take that time to do my own s**t…

there's this new "ribs" place just 2 blocks away from the office.
every time we pass by around dinner time, it's packed! which got us curious.
and tonight, we were in luck [at least we thought so] cuz the place only had 2 tables filled.
and just our luck, their specialty "ribs" ran out!!! 
{really?! their specialty?!}
i could have been a total b**c* about it 
but thank god my exhaustion from the day's work triumphed over me…  
and as hungry as we were, we couldn't think of any other place to eat.

warren ordered their chili wings while i ordered their bucket of chili crab claws.
[and i just have to say, i don't get to eat as much seafoods as i want at home cuz warren don't eat seafoods!]



|| chili crab claws : surfin' ribs

took me thirty minutes to finish my crab claws, and they were yummy!
that should make me lucky again, i guess.
maybe the next time we come back, am trying the whole crabs, and not their specialty "ribs".
we'll see. and i'll let you know.



Sharon Grace Jimenez said...

hi mam thanks for trying out our food and so glad you liked our "the claw" about our ribs running out of stock we're very sorry about you know we're only new in business (4mos to be exact) and we thank the Lord that our business are booming so fast that we consume around 100+ribs (50kl+) a day though unfortunately our ribs suppliers can't handle our ribs requirements. we're trying our best to find additional ribs suppliers who can meet our requirements and supply. thank you for understanding and hoping to see you again soon :) God bless :) - surfin' ribs managment

charm pia tan said...

we are really lookin' forward to having a taste of your ribs pretty soon… i have saved your number, we might just do advance orders as your place is always packed!

good luck & more power on your business! :)

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