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Saturday, July 14, 2012

can't look you in the eye

~ top & skirt : PROPS
~ bangles : bangkok finds
~ ring: china
~ shoes : people are people

it was a strange day at the office…
two can't-look-you-in-the-eye moments with clients in a span of 2hrs!

the first one was dumbfounding!
but something i can't talk about publicly, 

the second one was quite sad…
it pains me talking to a teary-eyed bride and trying to explain to her
why her wedding invites were not ready yet.
what's worst, i had no freakin' idea what happened to the account
and the point person was on leave and wasn't answering any of our calls!
i couldn't even apologize to her just yet, 
i really couldn't look her in the eye!
i was scrambling for options on how to improvise her invite design
 so she can get at least twenty sets for her mom to bring
on a provincial trip this morning.

the heavens were in my favor!
i got her to smile even if it was after almost an hour, 
we were able to provide her with the initial twenty she badly needed
and somehow, changed the whole look of her invite,
which was actually better than the first
and she was happy with it.
full delivery will be next week, as promised, i'll make sure of that!

oh well, i guess that should count as
another day's work…



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