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Monday, July 16, 2012

happy birthday wesley

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ bag :  PROPS
~ shoes : aldo
~ bangles : bangkok finds

i would have wanted the photos brighter, better and more detailed…
forgive me & warren,
it was past six pm and we were running late for a friend's birthday dinner,
hence the hurried and somehow blurry shots…

it's one of our friend wesley's birthday… 
another saturday dinner at tajimaya!
you might think we're there every weekend, no!
this one was the celebrant's choice.

after dinner we crossed over to maya mexican restaurant,
which was practically beside tajimaya.
the margarita was great! we still wanted to drink, 
but one round of drink was enough cuz their AC must have needed some cleaning,
we were practically melting in there!

so we transferred to distillery…
which makes it a repeat of last saturday.
but it doesn't matter… we had fun!
we're all missing the "penthouse days" where no weekend was spent sober.
ah! those were the days…
not that it could not happen again,
and am sure, we'll still rock it if it does!

|| happy birthday wesley!!!

i wish i have more photos of the dinner + drinks… 
but i left my camera in the car and it rained so we couldn't get it later on.

well, next time.



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