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Sunday, July 22, 2012

under construction

~ shorts & off-shoulder top : PROPS
~ ring : WWW {SM accessories}
~ bangles : bazaar & bangkok finds
~ shoes : varsavia {gift from youngest sister}

am wearing something i thought was casual enough for the movies
and maybe fancy enough for dinner & maybe drinks afterwards…
"The Dark Knight Rises" - the third and last installment {so they say}
of BATMAN Dark Knight premiered yesterday
and my geeky-comic-freak husband needs to watch ASAP!

the movie proved to be worth it,
though personally i still liked the first installment better. 
{the one with the late heath ledger as the joker}
this one was way too long {two hours and thirty minutes} that i got really sleepy
but it was interesting enough that i really struggled to open my eyes.

after the movie we needed to grab dinner,
first choice was IRIE but it was almost ten in the evening 
that they ran out of their specialties,
so we ended up at ARMY NAVY.
it was only my second time here, 
their food is not bad but not that good either.
i mean, it's not something that you actually crave for.
i know a lot of people love it here, and i'm not one of them.
it's just that i've tasted better burritos and burgers.

| beef burrito : army navy

we stayed awhile longer at army navy, just talking.
no more drinks after that…
so we headed straight home before twelve midnight.

and now, its almost three in the morning 
and i'm very much tied to editing the design of this blog…
no major alterations though, just adding a few widgets here & there.
yet it's proving to be a bit challenging with my little knowledge of html & what-nots!
and warren had to comment, it seems i will never be done editing details in this blog…
ughhhhhh… maybe… or i'll try…



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