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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

goodbye july

~ floral blazer & skirt : PROPS
~ white tank top : forever 21
~ necklace : pink pvssy [bangkok]
~ black oval ring : forever 21
~ resin oval ring : china finds
~ color block wedges : primadonna

saying goodbye to july is specifically moving forward 
from a week that was full of unexpected incidents.
if you've noticed, i wasn't able to blog nor take outfit photos last week
because of so many circumstances that practically hindered me on my daily grind!

clients showing up at the office unannounced
errands that took longer that expected
AC problems at the office
going to the mall unplanned to buy new AC
--- these are just but a few incidents that seem to have side-tracked my week's sched

most of all, it was warren's hospital admission & emergency surgery due to hernia
at the end of last week that really shook me.
everything happened so fast!
we went for a check-up, asked to go to the ER for hernia reduction
then three hours after he was scheduled for surgery in the next two hours.
it had to be right away, so as to prevent further complications.
it was just a minor surgery though, as he was discharged the next day
… which is a good thing!

anyways, this is what i wore last monday.
wanting to feel good especially after the whirlwind of last week, 
i thought of wearing my favorite necklace
which i got from bangkok a few years back.
it just so happen that i have a blazer with somehow the same colors as my necklace
which is just lovely!
and these shoes, i fell in love with at first sight… 
and i got them at a very affordable price!!!

i know i said i am gonna blog about other things
which i should do
just that i should first get a hang of taking photos of my food
or other stuff that i do.
i seem to always forget while in the moment,
and only remember when am already blogging.
this may really take some getting used to…
let's wait and see…



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