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Friday, August 10, 2012

bangkok's chinatown

~ top & peacock print shorts : PROPS
~ neon belt : PROPS
~ flower necklace, cuff, ring : pink pvssy {platinum mall}
~ sandals : sensini {bangkok}
~ aviators : rayban ***[RIP]

one place i always tend to visit when in bangkok is their chinatown.
it's further from everything else around bangkok
but it's convenient for me after visiting some of my suppliers for PROPS
since chinatown is about ten to fifteen minutes away.

here are some photos of what's to be seen around the streets of bangkok's chinatown…

the many colors of the streets…
so entertaining!

and another thing you have to know...
i wasn't so lucky this time around
as this was the last i've seen of my aviators…
it got snatched while walking around the streets :(
oh well, one can never be too careful...



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