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Saturday, August 18, 2012

borrowed from my man

~ neon top & blazer : PROPS
~ belt : SM dept. store
~ elephant necklace : china finds
~ bracelets : PROPS
~ my man's jeans : cotton online {linea italia}
~ bandage wedges : aldo

on a whim, i decided to wear warren's jeans
which i gave to him five christmases ago.
he found it weird that i was taken by the charm of the ripped jeans
more than it was still brand new.
well, he doesn't really understand the clothes i wear most of the time
so it didn't really bother me.

and that neon top had everyone react 
being too bright even from a far
hence i wore the blazer just to tone it down a little.

we decided to chill out friday night and went to bellini up at nivel hills.
the place was ambient and relaxing,
except for the live acoustic band which turned was too noisy for my mood that night.
and their food was quite pricy so we didn't order.
the guys only had our local beer, 
i had strongbow cider which was more than twice the price of beer
but i only had one can for the rest of the evening.
i guess am lavishly frugal like that! 
hahaha, what an oxymoron.
but to be honest, am frugal, that's it!



Isa said...

I really dig this look. I like your style and you've got a very nice blog. Perhaps we can follow each other?


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