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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

last friday night

 ~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ necklace & cuffs : PROPS
~ assorted bangles : from everywhere!
~ layered ring : chinatown, bangkok
~ booties : jeffrey campbell - litas 

i've been finding a way to wear these booties since i got them last june
at the blogger's united bazaar 3.
the best thing about it, i got it for a steal from divine lee's stash,
and of course they are original JC's!!!
thanks to my dear sister who had the strength to go around and search.
this one is pre-loved but it is definitely being loved by me right now, 
and even longer.

so, back to last friday night,
 the loft had a party launching the grey goose lounge designed by kenneth cobonpue.
free flowing booze! what's not to love! 
except for a minor set-back when glasses became scarce at some point
which left people parched and waiting.
but a small price to pay for, again, free booze!!!
they were also serving food by chef guiseppe
which is definitely something to try
and even more reason for you to visit the loft for dinner before drinks.
dj friend from manila, jessica milner pumped up last friday's party. 
and we had fun, after a while of no clubbing.

oh, on that note, it may be because people haven't seen me out for a while
that there's been rumors going around that i just had a baby!
what?!! i haven't even been pregnant yet! i wish!
not a bad rumor anymore
since am married and it's legal to get pregnant,
but it was definitely a good laugh!



Anni said...

Those shoes are so beautiful! I've seen a lot of JC Litas but never one with army-style print although looking at them they are more like a abstract tadpoles. Awesome abstract tadpoles that is. I am always a little jealous of your filipina bloggers because you have such a awesome fashion community with all these blogger meet ups that I just kind of die a little inside. :)

charm pia tan said...

Hi anni! thank you for checking out my blog…

I do love these shoes! you're right these blogger meet-ups are amazing. and to think i didn't even blog back then, i just went with my blogger sister. BUT that event did get me started :)

Verna Abril said...

love the Litas!

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