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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the usual

~ top & shorts : PROPS
~ necklace : pink pvssy {bangkok}
~ bangles : assorted from everywhere
~ wedge sandals : catwalk {australia - gift from sis}

|| cappuccino frost : la marea, crossroads

i hate routines 
but it seems that me and warren have one little routine 
before stepping into the office.
we pass by la marea in crossroads for coffee ---- always!

it's where we do our unofficial affairs
that we know we won't be able to do once in the office.
i guess, it's where we find peace before the chaos that is work.
plus! la marea's internet is quite fast, so things get done faster!

the usual la marea favorite is their warm brownie cup,
we order that sometimes but it could get filling especially right before lunch.
so, while warren gets his usual brewed coffee,
i alternate between their cappuccino frost on hot & sunny days {which is more often}
and twinning's four red fruits hot tea on cold & rainy days.

i love coffee, 
that i used to drink three to four cups a day.
used to, because right now, since a couple years ago,
i am limited to a cup in the morning.
any more or any later than that,
i will be up till the sun rises the next day.
insomnia sucks!

anyways, even with a start-of-day routine
i am happy to say that after office activities always has different s**ts on different days.
proof enough that we are still not stuck in a rut!

for this day, it was a movie date for "bourne legacy" as promised,
after i flaked out on warren last sunday when we were supposed to watch it with his friends.
of course, before the movie is dinner… mongolian style!
kublai khan it is…

|| all you can fill bowl : kublai khan, ayala center

i can talk about the movie, but there's not much to say…
not that it was bad, just that it wasn't much to rave about.
it did show the worst of the philippines,
which made me cringe, sorry but that's the truth!
but nevertheless, it still made me proud 
that somehow we were chosen to be a setting for a hollywood film
when they could have done it somewhere else.



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