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Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY studded shorts

~ top : PROPS
~ floral brassiere : la senza
~ neon belt : PROPS
~ studded denim shorts : indigo {DIY studs}
~ studded gladiator sandals : parisian
~ ring & necklace : china finds

i would have wanted to blog about these shorts the day i made them
but things got in the way as it was the day before i left for bangkok.
i don't know why i have studs lying around the house,
i know i bought them from cebu city hardware a year or two ago
for reasons i don't remember anymore
but it sure did come in handy now.

this was what i wore to platinum mall 
after a full day of shopping for clothes from suppliers in the pratunam area.
i mostly wear what i sell at PROPS,
but trips to platinum mall still gets me giddy 
because there you can also find some items that i don't find at the suppliers.
and my favorite accessories store pink pvssy has about 2 stores in the mall!

|| the people and the traffic outside platinum mall
[i wish i had taken pictures inside the mall but i guess i was so engrossed in my shopping and forgot about it! my apologies]

{ tip }
most stores in platinum do there SALE on sundays!!!
their older, yet still stylish items could go for THB100 to 150,
not bad for personal shopping.



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