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Saturday, August 11, 2012

leaving thailand

~ printed blazer, jeans, inner top : PROPS
~ necklace, cuff : pink pvssy {platinum mall, bangkok}
~ layered ring : chinatown, bangkok
~ hand carry luggage : skytravel 

when traveling i always opt for comfortable clothes that keep me warm enough,
you just dunno how cold airports could get.

funny how i had to insert a photo of my very reliable hand carry luggage
which has been with me for years,
all through countless trips and several countries.
the scuff marks that don't go away anymore no matter how i have it cleaned
seem to have given it more charm owing to its history.
and that yellow color was actually what made me fell in love with it from the start.

these are some of the things i never miss eating when am in bangkok

|| nata de coco yogurt ||
i find this one, that you can find at any seven eleven store tastier than the ones we have locally. i always have them for breakfast.

|| milk tea ||
in whatever flavor that suits your fancy
it helps keep you hydrated and fills you up at the same time
especially when you still would wanna go around shopping

|| green mango with thai dip ||
our mangoes here in the philippines, especially cebu are much tastier
but their green mangoes are in no way sour no matter how green they are!
the dip actually consists of chili powder, sugar and salt
and has proven to be really addictive.
you can also dip their very sweet guavas in them.
don't be scared of how spicy it is, it's definitely worth a try!

|| street pad thai ||
oh yes! the best one is the street kind!
you might not be able to find one just anywhere but when you do, indulge!!! 
and make it spicy, it's even much tastier.
you can always have the chili powder separate so as to control the spiciness of the dish.

|| others ||
seafood fried rice, crepe {dessert kind or with ham or bologna} & coffee {just about anywhere}
are the other things to try.
sorry i was not able to take photos of the other three,
just that when i go around suppliers, i don't bring my SLR with me, its way too bulky.

i hope i helped a little with some bangkok tips in these last three blogs.
there are actually more stuff to write about bangkok
but i wouldn't wanna bore you.
maybe on my next trip.

leaving bangkok always seem sad, but there's still no place like home



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